Spotlight Event

Learn the essentials of formal dance etiquette. Cotillions are formal dances that date back to the 18th century. Today, however, cotillions are used more to teach formal dances, like the Box Waltz, as well as minor etiquette points. This event can be used as a forerunner to a social event, by inviting a Sorority, or having Brothers bring dates. This event is always very popular with young women.


  • Venue (note: you will need enough space to dance)
  • A sorority or dates (women to dance with)
  • A dance instructor
  • Food/Beverages
  • Music


  • Decorations

Tips to Remember: Consult the office of Greek life at your campus if you need help locating a dance instructor, as lots of schools have resources that you can utilize. If you are unable to find an instructor, a Brother knowledgeable of these types of dances could work as well. The Internet can provide a good resource for these dances. Dressing up in themed clothing is also recommended


  • 1 month out-
    • Schedule event
    • Find venue/music
    • Set budget
  • 2 Weeks out- Plan event (including supplies/decorations)
    • Make sure you have appropriate music and a means by which to play it
    • Purchase decorations (if applicable)
  • Day before event
    • Set up event (note: this might take a few hours, plan accordingly)
    • Purchase any food and beverages (if applicable)
  • Day After event – Deconstruct, save and store materials if possible

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