Alpha Management Retreat (AMR)

In 1982, Chi Psi Fraternity launched its Alpha Management Retreat (AMR) program, designed to train present and future officers in effective strategic planning techniques. An important supplement to the college curriculum, the AMR was developed as a response to the need for an organized national strategic planning program for undergraduate Chi Psi leaders. In the short term, it has helped several Alphas reach new heights of excellence.

The AMR, conducted over a weekend and led by a trained alumnus volunteer, is a working forum in which a representative group of Alpha leaders discuss and design short-term and long-range goals for their Alphas. Management and leadership information provided by the facilitator is used to forge a new identity for many Alphas and refine the image of others. Undergraduate Chi Psis not only learn vital leadership concepts but how to use them to improve Alpha operations.

The Alpha Management Retreat concept will continue to be important to Chi Psi, and the Trust looks forward to sponsoring these vigorous, exciting sessions for every Alpha. By encouraging and providing guidance for each Alpha to become more successful, the AMR guarantees a positive and satisfying experience for each Chi Psi undergraduate who attends.

The Alpha is responsible for procuring a quiet, isolated setting for the weekend. The Chi Psi Educational Trust, with the cooperation of Chi Psi alumni, bears the major portion of financial obligation for running the Alpha Management Retreat. For 25 years, this has been one of the most successful programs for Chi Psi.

Please contact Brad Beskin at the Central Office at to schedule an AMR.


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