Program for Self Development

The Program for Self-Development (PSD) helps participants learn to look inward and understand the importance of:

  • Personal Development – Understanding his own personality and how to use this understanding to reach his full potential.
  • Goal-Setting – Establishing short-term and long-term goals.
  • Mutual Assistance – Being more self-disciplined in relying on his own ability as well as on the strengths of others.
While identifying their primary motivational strengths and learning styles, participants learn the importance and use of peer-group feedback. Participants also learn the consequences of inappropriate goal setting and ways to recover from those effects. Since the program relies on both individual and group participation, it allows the participants to achieve a better understanding of one another.
This weekend program is usually conducted off campus, away from the normal routine of the pledges and Brothers. An alumnus PSD Facilitator provides assistance to the group and helps individuals acquire a greater degree of self-knowledge. Many former participants now use the principles of the PSD to plan both their professional and personal lives.

Who should participate?
The PSD should be an annual event for your Alpha. The Program is most effective for a pledge class or a newly initiated class of Brothers. By holding a PSD every year, every Brother will have the opportunity to participate. Restarting the program at your Alpha can be very difficult, so don’t miss a year (even with a small participant class). Pledge classes need to be at least six weeks into their pledging period so that they already know each other fairly well.

How many Brothers should attend?
Nine to Fifteen (9-15) Brothers should attend. While it is possible to stretch this, it makes for a more challenging weekend. The CO will help you find additional facilitators if you have more than 15 participants.

When should you schedule a PSD?
You should have a facilitator committed to your PSD at least 2 MONTHS before your program. Check the Alpha’s calendar for open weekends and send them to the CO’s Director of Education. He will help you select a facilitator, paying close attention to the potential to establish a long-running relationship between him and your Alpha. Once you have found a facilitator who fits well with your Alpha, do all you can to get him to commit to return every year for the PSD. This streamlines scheduling forms a strong bond between your Alpha and an alumnus. Convention is a great time to begin the scheduling process, as many of the Fraternity’s best facilitators attend Convention regularly.

Where should the PSD be held?
The PSD should take place away from the Lodge within an hour’s driving distance. The location must be confirmed no less than 1 MONTH before the program. A participant’s home or vacation house often makes the best location by involve parents in your Fraternity experience and minimizing cost. A local alumnus may be willing to offer space in his home for the weekend. Parks, campgrounds, or retreat locations work well but require additional planning and cost. An Alpha’s Lodge or housing block is not an acceptable location for a PSD.

What you need to take on your PSD?
Food, sleeping bags, etc., will be determined by the retreat location. Discuss this with your facilitator. Regardless of location, plan to bring soft drinks, chips, cups, etc. Bring trash bags and paper towels, and budget time to clean the PSD location before you leave. The PSD is an alcohol-free retreat.

What should you expect from your facilitator?
Your facilitator will may enjoy meeting some alumni and school administrators while visiting your campus. Offer him a tour of the Lodge, campus, and surrounding area. Provide a bed or acceptable sleeping arrangements, clean towel, and other items that will make him feel welcome and at home. You may ask your facilitator to write a few notes to alumni about his experience there. If so, have stationery and addressed envelopes ready. The PSD facilitator can help you improve your Alpha if you let him.

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