Flag Football

Strap on your spikes, throw on your athletics wear, and slap on your eye black…it’s time to play some football! Compete against your brothers, new members, other student organizations, and your alumni in a game on the gridiron. This activity can promote brotherhood or be transformed into a philanthropy event.


  • Jerseys, pennies or team t-shirts
  • Cleats
  • Mini cones (unless an actual football field is available)
  • Flag football belts (consult Intramural Dept. for supplies and volunteer referees)
  • Registration table
  • Poster Boards for displaying results and statistics
  • Stopwatches for referees


  • Food
  • Fraternity & sorority teams
  • Local businesses can provide food and sponsor teams

Tips to Remember:

  • Rules:
    • 2 feet in bounds
    • No use of hands while blocking, must remain by your side like you’re setting a pick
    • Snap between the legs
  • Encourage alumni and faculty to form teams!


  • 2 months out
    • Set date
    • Set budget for promotions, food, etc.
    • Find venue
    • Begin promotions with signs, Facebook, presentations at sorority and fraternity meetings, etc.
  • 1 month out:
  • Consult Intramural Department for supplies, if not available go to sporting goods store to buy
  • 2 weeks out
    • Collect all philanthropy fees from participating teams
    • Confirm facility
  • 1 week out: purchase food and supplies
  • Day of event
    • Check for any last minute purchases
    • Have all Brothers get to the venue early to set up

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