Thanksgiving Dinner

Share a traditional Thanksgiving meal together as an Alpha the week before actual Thanksgiving!


  • Food
  • Comfortable space with furniture


  • Alumni
  • Recruits
  • Sorority/dates
  • Semi-formal attire
  • Holiday attire
  • Others in the community or university can purchase tickets to make this a philanthropy event.


  • 1 month out
    • Set date
    • Set budget
    • Set menu (Remember you have a lot of people to feed!)
    • Find venue/kitchens if needed
    • Send out alumni invitations and begin online promotions (Facebook, email, etc.)
  • 2 weeks out-
    • Divide the responsibilities for the meal (turkey, dressing/stuffing, desserts, sides, plates, drinks, etc.) through the family system or through your cook or meal plan.
    • Purchase supplies (decorations, plates, cups, etc.)
  • 1 week/3 days out- purchase all food (if buying in bulk)
  • Day of event-
    • If possible, hire a cleaning crew to wash and wax floors and clean all areas or plan to clean it yourself. Presentation is everything!
    • Plan for ample time to cook
    • Set up tables, making sure everyone has a seat
    • Set up greeters at the door at at different points around the Lodge or venue to make alumni and recruits feel welcome (use your best recruiters for this)
  • Post event- clean up, if you have activities planned afterwards, clean as you go

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