Family Feud

Survey Says! This game show based event is a great way to interact with potential new members and sorority women. Create teams by pairing up Big/Littes from both Chi Psi and your guest sorority, or by PNM and brother who’s predominantly recruiting him. Set up several Family Feud games in different rooms of the Lodge, and winners move on. Losing teams and other guests will make up the audience!


  • Family Feud survey questions – Consult the internet game show hosts. Hilarious personalities are preferred!
  • Food
  • Team names


  • Team uniforms
  • Live music
  • Prizes


  • 2 months out:
    • Contact sorority social chair to schedule event
    • Consult Brotherhood to fit in everyone’s schedule
  • 1 month out:
    • Appoint game show hosts
    • Familiarize with the rules of Family Feud
    • Look up Family Feud questions
  • 2 weeks out:
    • Make teams
    • Confirm availability
  • 1 week out: purchase food
  • Day of event:
    • Set up game show set in each room of the Lodge

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