5K Philanthropy


Raise money for a worthy cause by organizing a 5K targeted towards the Greek and campus community.


  • Location and course
  • Reasonable entry fee
  • T-shirts for participants
  • Permission of the local town or school where the event will be held especially if roads will need to be closed for race
  • Marketing campaign
  • Registration table
  • Water
  • Numbers for runners


  • Music
  • Sport drinks
  • Snacks or lunch
  • Trophies or medals

Tips to Remember: You have to market this effectively for success! Remember that the Central Office can provide online registration if needed.


  • at least 2 months out-
    • Set budget
    • Set date
    • Find location
    • Begin requesting all local permissions
    • Begin marketing through flyers, social media, etc.
    • Begin seeking sponsorships if needed
    • Get quotes for t-shirts
  • 1 month out-
    • Visit all fraternities, sororities and student organizations to advertise event
    • Open online registration
  • 2 weeks out-
    • Finalize sponsorships
    • Order t-shirts
  • 1 week out- purchase supplies (numbers, drinks, snacks, etc.)
  • Day of-
    • Have all Brothers arrive at least 2 hours prior to race time to set up registration, water stations, snacks, etc.
    • Organize groups into runners and walkers
    • Following the race, have a short awards presentation ceremony to announce winners
    • Afterwards, have Brothers check the entire course for any trash. Remember to leave the location as clean as you found it so you can use it again in the future!

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