Freshmen – Senior Brunches

So much organizational knowledge and brotherhood can be lost each year as senior classes graduate, but this event helps the Alpha build brotherhood and keep that knowledge in the Alpha by having seniors pair off with freshmen new members or Brothers. This event was started by Alpha Psi Delta at University of Colorado.



  • Freshmen
  • Seniors
  • Brunch food and drinks
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Plates & silverware


  • Restaurant
  • Catering
  • Food cooked by Brothers
  • Decorations
  • Gifts for seniors or freshmen

Tips to Remember: This is not just any ordinary meal. It has a purpose. Seniors should be prepped on topics of conversation to help facilitate the event. Conversation topics are listed below. Pair seniors and freshmen to discuss these topics over a meal at the Lodge or a restaurant. This event makes a great way to celebrate seniors before graduation or cap off a successful new member education program and prepare the pledge class for initiation. If you have more freshmen than seniors, consider asking alumni board member and area alumni to participate.


  • 3 monthsout-
    • Select a date and let all seniors and/or alumni know.
    • Set the budget.
    • Find a restaurant or caterer (optional)
  • 1 month out- Inform new members and sell them on how great this event is.
  • 2 weeksout-
    • Finalize numbers (note: the course may require you to finalize your numbers earlier than this for the restaurant or catering. If that is the case, set a date far enough in advance that you can have this information when it is needed)
    • Purchase any decorations or gifts.
    • Begin collecting senior stories from graduating seniors. These can be shared with freshmen to give them something to keep and guide their Chi Psi experience.
  • 1 week out –
    • Purchase food if having Brothers prepare it.
    • Remind all seniors/alumni and freshmen.
  • Immediately following event – clean up and ask for feedback on the event for future planning.

Conversation Topics

Chi Psi is PART OF the several larger communities and has responsibilities to each:

  1. Fraternities and Sororities
  2. The University (Academically and Athletically)
  3. All of the Chi Psi Alphas
  4. The National Chi Psi Organization of Alumni
  5. The Families of Brothers
  6. Community

 Chi Psi has certain rules and structures that help us achieve our mission:

  1. Total membership including information on each Brother. Every Brother should know every other Brother.
  2. Leadership structure
  3. Risk management policies
  4. Lodge rules

What are Chi Psis to be KNOWN for:

  1. Gentlemen
  2. Respectful of their home: the Lodge
  3. Maturity. Accountability.
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Respectful of all individuals and groups
  6. Participation in the Greek Community and other student organizations
  7. Being thankful
  8. Hard work

We NEVER want to be KNOWN for:

  1. Parties (it’s best to let some other fraternity to have this title)
  2. Breaking the rules (be proud of following the rules and helping set the standards)


Ask for advice.

Involve upperclassmen.  Involve alumni.  Look for something that no other fraternity focuses on.  Be a family with mutual respect and concern for others.  Always ask alumni and upperclassmen if they think that something is the “right way” to do something.   Is it the Chi Psi Way?  If you are not sure, always ask for permission first.  The strongest leaders and organizations seek advice and communicate their vision and reasoning.

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