About the Program for Excellence

The Program for Excellence was created to guide our Alphas through day to day activity, building character and showing our young men how to live as gentlemen.  We have divided daily activity in the Alpha into seven categories, pulling the most successful events and activities in each category from each Alpha and compiling them with planning and implementation resources to support the overall strategy. Our goal: Empower Chi Psi’s undergraduates to compete at the highest level, differentiate themselves, and add value in a way that furthers our purpose: Building life-long friendships.

The Program for Excellence focuses on seven types of activity found in successful Alphas and prescribes an approach for each. This manual provides specific ideas and planning guides to help our undergraduate officers and their advisors get started.

Support for the Program for Excellence
As our advisors support our new strategy on our campuses and in our Lodges, the Central Office and our many dedicated national volunteers will craft a series of support services and educational programs to empower them.

We continue provide the highest quality of comprehensive recruitment training and social excellence coaching to our undergraduates and their advisors.  Alpha consultation will focus heavily on the implementation of the Program for Excellence.  This will include education and training for undergraduates and alumni in the strategy supporting the program and the dynamic recruitment techniques needed to support it.  Consultants will continue to assist Alphas with risk management, financial management, and the proper facilitation of the Fraternity’s Program for Pledge Education and ritual.  These four areas are the necessary foundation upon which … and only upon which … an Alpha can implement the Program for Excellence successfully, and we will continue to provide support for them all.

The Chi Psi Educational Trust’s educational programming, including the Alpha Management Retreat, Program for Self-Development, and Education, Responsibility, and Action Program will support the implementation of this initiative by doing what they always have: developing and promoting success strategies for our Brothers and their Alphas.

Moving Forward
Over the next few years, Chi Psi undergraduates and alumni will explore at Rowe Regional Leadership Conferences, the Mid-year Leadership Retreat, and the Spencer Institute the feasibility of establishing performance benchmarks, standards, and incentives at a national level.  They will develop ways to facilitate further those Alphas implementing the Program for Excellence effectively and assign critical consulting resource to those in need of assistance.

This is an epic undertaking for Chi Psi.  It is a strategy that, if adopted, implemented, and supported comprehensively, will drive us toward a values-congruent growth in the quality of our experience and the frequency with which we offer it to collegiate gentlemen.   Thank you all for your continued support of Chi Psi Fraternity.

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